About Me

Kristen Paulson-Nguyen: Professional copywriter and award-winning poet.Kristen Paulson-Nguyen is an award-winning poet and copywriter. A former graphic designer and an obdurate perfectionist, Kristen brings the soul of an artist and the laser focus of a proofreader to every precious project, whether print or Web. For more than a decade she has helped clients in higher education tell their stories, from concept to final proof. She began her career at the Boston Globe, where she wrote dozens of articles on everything from Joanne Chang’s banana bread to the World Series. Kristen also wrote a column about single life called the “The Single File” for the paper’s Calendar magazine. You can find her portfolio—and her poetry—at kristenscarousel.com.

I love living in the Athens of the East, where my insatiable curiosity and love of learning first landed me in reporting. Reporting prepared me to interview students, faculty, staff and alumni for projects in higher education, where I’ve focused for more than a decade. I never stop learning on this ride.

My poems revolve in the inner circle, where the horses are half in shadow. Grounded in the events of daily life, from the death of a parent to the birth of a child, they allow me to process and savor each moment—from serious to hilarious. Themes of transformation, impermanence and natural cycles persist.